Andalusian Washcloth

Andalusian Washcloth
by Kelly Jones ©2010

This simple knit and purl combination washcloth is a quick knit for those last minute projects.

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Supplies: Cotton Yarn – Sugar N Cream used in sample, yarn needle, and loom pick.
Loom: Kiss Regular Peg 2-Way Adjustable Loom

Cast on 20 pegs using double e-wrap cast on.

Row 1-2: Knit using continuous u-wrap

Row 3: K1, P1, K1, P1 repeat to end

Row 4: Knit using continuous u-wrap Repeat these 4 rows for a total of 10 times or 40 rows.

Bind off using super stretchy bind-off 

Add crochet border if desired.  Cloth lays fairly flat without border.