Dream Catcher

Loom Knit Dream Catcher
By Kathy Bouras © June 2018


This pattern was created because I have always been intrigued with dream catchers. Even when I first learned as most of us had I started to loom knit with the Knifty Knitter looms and thought because of them being round I would someday make a dream catcher on them. Now here I am 9 years later and finally got around to my dream come true. It is no wonder as to why I was so intrigued with the dream catcher. When it came time to write up my pattern It gets better while doing searching on the meaning of dream catchers knowing from hear say the feather colors had different meanings this is what I came across.

They made these small amulets to protect their infants and young children. They were meant to trap all evil spirits that came in the form of nightmares. The small dream catcher hung over the cradle or bed to ensure their children were safe and secure during the night.

Dream Catchers originate from the Ojibwa Native Americans. They now mainly reside in Canada and the United States. https://goodlucksymbols.com/dreamcatcher/
My mother was adopted at birth and we had been searching for her birth mother for years we found her birth mother in 1999, unfortunately my mother never got to meet her mother as my mom passed away in 1997. It was by finding my grandmother; this is when we had learned of our lost heritage, my grandmother was a full Ojibwa Native American as well as my grandfather. 

Nineteen years have passed since finding our lost heritage and I discovered this. I am beyond belief that I was able to create a Dream Catcher, and that I could make it on a knitting loom, and not just any knitting loom a Kiss knitting loom

Download the pattern here.

Hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I enjoyed creating it. For any questions email

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