Here's Looking At You

Heres Looking At You
By Kathy Bouras © June 2017


This pattern was created in regards to a crochet pattern I saw online last fall in one of my many quests of looking at patterns, so this is what I came up with based on what I saw.


Height 6.5” Head Size 19”

GAUGE: 2.25 stitches per inch x 3.75 rows per inch


1 Skein Worsted weight medium 4 yarn (In sample I used Red Heart color Black

1 Skein Worsted weight medium 4 yarn (In sample I used Red Heart color Buff

1 Skein Worsted weight medium 4 yarn (In sample I used Lion Brand Fun Fur Prints Color Sand Stone


Loom: Kiss 24 Peg The DRAGON Large Gauge Hatchling Loom



Loom pick

Tapestry needle:

2 cups uncooked rice

Knee hi stocking: for polyfil and rice

Polyfil: Small amount

Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks

Row counter a must:

1 pair of glasses Dollar store sells readers for a dollar the squared off kind looks the best

Wiggle eyes size to be proportioned with your glasses choice

Stick pins to attach ears and nose and mouth before hot gluing them onto head


Drawstring Cast On 24 pegs

Knit 40 rows

Pull drawstring closed on this end and tie off hide yarn tail inside

Drawstring bind off leaving this end OPEN

Place 2 cup rice into the knee high

Place knee high into the head

Place polyfil in knee high on top of the rice and form your head into a ball keeping the rice to the bottom so your head will remain weighted down so it sits on a table and can’t roll. When shape is achieved to your liking tie off the knee high and place knee high into the head you knitted, set aside

NOSE: Create leaving a 2”tail, (1) 4 peg icord

Knit icord for 2.5“ tie together ends, hide tails in icord

Ears: X2

Create leaving a 2”tail, a 4 peg icord 4.5“ long

Shape the head so the eyeglasses can sit onto the nose and the ear piece of the glasses sit onto the ears. Close the drawstring of top of head

Mouth: Create leaving a 2”tail, a 2peg icord 6.5“ long


With fun fur make a slip knot leaving a big enough loop to fit around your 3 middle fingers wind the fun fur around these 3 fingers creating a loop wrap 6x around the 3 fingers cut yarn.

Repeat above for 2nd set of hair


I used a piece of tape and put it on back side so I could see where the eyes needed to be on the head.


Using fun fur measure a 10” piece fold in half create a slip knot crochet 6 chains pull end tight after 6 chain and cut the tail off on both sides of the 10” piece.

Place ears onto head using pins to hold into place, curving it too resemble an ear and shape onto head

Put eyes with tape on backside of wiggle eye onto head

Pin nose onto head

Place glasses on face to see that everything looks in place like a face should look

Pin mouth to head

Pin eye brows to head


Begin with the ears hot glue them onto head curving it too resemble an ear shape

Now the nose hot glue to head

Now the eyes

remove the tape and hot glue to head

Now the mouth hot glue to head

Now the hair scrunching it together hot glue to head

Eye brows hot glue to above the eyes creating an arch

That’s it you now have a Here’s looking at you eye glass holder

© June 12, 2017 Kathy B.Bouras

Hope you enjoy this pattern as much as I enjoyed creating it. For any questions email

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