Jenny's Boy Blanket

Jenny's Boy Blanket
by Kelly Jones ©2014

This blanket was made using bulky weight yarn on a small gauge slim loom.  The design includes some intarsia techniques at the color changes.

Loom – Regular Gauge 2 Way Adjustable with 40 pegs and 21 peg end pairs with 8 washers

Supplies: pick, tapestry needle

Yarn: Lion Brand Hometown USA super bulky 100% acrylic, San Diego Navy (2), Oklahoma City Green (1) , Los Angeles Tan (1)

Finished Size: 22” w x 29” h

Gauge: 10 sts x 15.5 rows over 4”

This pattern can be made in any yarn or any gauge. For smaller gauges increase the number of stitches and rows used.

Cast on 50 stitches in green. Follow the pattern below for the color changes.

The main line of tan running down each side of the green center stripe is from pegs 22-25, 26 and 27 are the green stripe then 28-31 for the other tan stripe.

At the color changes make sure you twist the yarn at the back of the pins so that there are no holes formed. Always twist the yarn so that the yarn on top is going in the direction you are knitting.

Bind off using a basic bind off. When doing the bind off, the color will shift to the left, so you will need to switch to the next color one stitch early.