Little Bird Potholder

Little Bird Potholder
by Graciela Worth ©August 2011

This little bird takes just 40 yards of yarn, 20 for each piece!  A great way to use up extra cotton and a perfect accompaniment to any kitchen decor.  Would also make a great kid's washcloth friend for bath time.

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½ skeins Of Sugar and Cream on one color.
½ skeins Of Sugar and Cream on a contrasting color.
Kiss loom, with at least 27 pegs, the sample was done with the Regular 2 Way Adjustable
Piece of contrasting yarn for sewing and eyes and the 2 parts of the body together.
Tiny piece of yellow felt, for beak.
Cast on 7 pegs on the center of the loom, using the double e-wrap method.
Row 1: U-wrap all pegs, and knit off, cast on the next peg, using the double e-wrap method.
Repeat row 1 until you have 27 pegs. That is a total of 20 rows.
Work for 7 rows with U-stitch.
Move loop from peg 15 to 14, and loop from peg 13 to 14; peg 14 is the center peg. Take the loops from pegs on the left of peg 14 out on a life line or cable needle and hang back on the pegs to the left of the peg that has the 3 loops (Center Peg), putting 2 loops on each peg. Repeat with the right side. You now have a total of 13 pegs.
Knit 7 more rows. Cast off the loom, using the gathered method.
Repeat the above instructions with the contrasting color.
Gather the top of the piece that is going to be the inside of the bird, and thread the yarn needle with the tail of the yarn; sew the side of the head.
Weave in the end, and cut flush to the fabric. Place this piece inside the other piece with the purl side facing each other. Now gather the top of the head of the outside piece, thread needle and sew the side of the head.
With contrasting color yarn and any decorative stitch sew the 2 pieces together. Add fringe to the tail of the bird.
Cut a tiny triangle of yellow felt, fold in half and sew it to the head, for the beak.
Thread the yarn needle with a piece of black yarn, and make the eyes.