Spring Candy Dish

Spring Candy Dish
by Angel Philipp ©2011

A perfect little dish for any occasion!  Make it with orange and black yarn for Halloween or red and green for Christmas. 

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Supplies needed:
Small or regular gauge loom with 40 pegs available to knit in the round. (A Kiss Regular Gauge no washers was used in the sample).
Yarn small amount of sport weight yarn - 2 different colors (Baby Bee Sweet Delight from Hobby Lobby was used in the samples)
Loom pick
Yarn needle
Row counter
Yarn guide
Techniques used:
U-wrap knit stitch
Purl stitch
Double stitch
Using 1 stranded of each yarn color held together throughout, Cast on 40 pegs using the drawstring cast on. Knit for 5 rounds using the u-wrap knit stitch.
Purl 1 round
Double stitch for 6 rounds, the double stitch is a tight stitch and I found it helpful to use a yarn guide while doing this stitch.
Knit 1 round, 2 over 1
Knit 2 rounds using the u-wrap knit stitch
Purl 1 round
Knit 2 together, yarn over around. On the pegs with 2 loops knit both loops over one.
Bind off using the super stretchy bind off method.
Pull up and tighten your cast on and tie off. Weave in yarn ends. Shape your dish by pulling into shape or shape around a form. An 8 ounce sour cream container is the size I used. The sides of the dish will stand up on their own you can take the form out. Fill with candies.
When I started this project I was going for a larger basket, didn’t happen. If you wanted it to be a basket I suggest knitting more rows with the double stitch and making an i-cord handle. I think these little dishes would be great on tables at a baby shower.