Summer Purse

Summer Purse
by Angel Philipp ©2009

A perfect knit purse for all the ladies in your life.  Use machine washable yarn for easy care.

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Regular Gauge Kiss loom with 78 pegs
Worsted weight yarn – 2 skeins in different colors. (I love this yarn from Hobby Lobby used in the sample)
Small amount of contrasting waste yarn
Hook tool
Yarn needle
Stitches used:
K - Knit
K2tog - Knit 2 together
Yo - yarn over
Slp - Slip
Psso - pass slipped stitch over
When knitting the yarn over knit 2 together rows you need to set up your loom before wrapping it.  Take the loop from peg 1 and put it on peg 2 and repeat around.  Your loom will have one empty peg and then one with two loops on it all the way around the loom.  Now wrap it and knit off 2 loops over one.

The slip 1 knit 1 pass slipped stitch over row is knit peg by peg. Take your working yarn behind peg 1wrap and knit off, move this loop to peg 1 and knit off, wrap peg 2 and repeat around.

Set up your Kiss for knitting in the round on the first setting, no washers and 78 pegs. I used 4 15 and 2 9 peg modules. Use masking tape to label pegs 1 - 39.
With waste yarn cast on 39 pegs, knit 2 rows. Drop waste yarn and begin with main color, wrap the loom from left to right and Knit off.  Knit 1 more row.  Your working yarn should be at peg 1.  Follow the chart for short row shaping.
Knit the decreasing rows first and then knit the increasing rows.
Place the stitches on the waste yarn on the empty pegs on the loom.  You will be knitting in the round now.  Knit 1 round clockwise.
Round 1 - K1, Slp1 with yarn in front.
Repeat around
Round 2 - K
Repeat these 2 rounds until round 14 ending on a knit row.

Change to contrast yarn.
Round 15 - yo, K2tog around
Round 16 - K
Round 17 - slp1, k1, psso, around
Round 18 - K
Repeat these 4 rounds twice.
Change back to main yarn.
Round 27 - K1, Slp1 with yarn in front.  Repeat around
Round 28 - K
Repeat these 2 rounds until round 38 ending on a knit round

The flap of the purse is knit in a flat panel.
You will begin knitting on half the stitches pegs 1 - 39.
Row 39  Decrease 1 stitch each side and K1, Slp1 across row
Row 40  K
Row 41 - 72 Continue knitting in the established pattern, decreasing 1 stitch on each side every 3rd row.
Rows 73 - 80 Continue knitting in the established pattern, decreasing 1 stitch on each side every other row.
There should be 9 stitches left, bind these off using the simple bind off.
Attach your yarn to either side of the stitches left on the loom.  Bind off using the simple bind off.
Weave in all ends.

Sew button on the flap front.  Make a chain stitch loop, mine is 5 inches long.  
Attach loop to front of purse just below where flap ends. (see photos)
Strap is knit on 6 pegs, knit every row to desired length. Mine is 28 inches long. The edges will be curling to the inside. Whip stitch these edges together. Attach to purse.