16 Peg Small Gauge End Pair

US 3-6,
UK/AU 4-12 Ply, DK
4.5- 4 sts per inch

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Salesprice with discount:
Sales price: $36.95

These 16 peg ends work with our 30 Peg Small Gauge Short Loom, 60 Peg Small Gauge Loom or 77 Peg Small Gauge Sides.  Use them to add 32 additional pegs to your loom.  These new ends are also adjustable gauge so you can choose the gauge needed for your project by adding washers between the pegs and pins.

To assemble just take apart the loom and assemble the sides with the included shorter screws - don't forget to add washers in the middle if you need them.  Then loosen the screws on the 7, 16 or 31 peg ends and lay the slim boards in and tighten in place.  Make sure not to overtighten - especially when the ends are slid up further on the board.  Overtightening can warp the boards especially when you are using washers.


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