Kiss Looms

We know the Kiss Looms are very different from other looms on the market, so we want to take this opportunity to help explain them so that you will know what loom is best for you.

First let's talk about what makes our looms different. Most of our looms (excluding the fine gauge fixed looms and the double rakes) are gauge adjustable. In other words – by using the included washers you can set your loom up so that you can knit in several different gauges!

It has long been thought that the only way to change the gauge of a single side loom was to change the spacing of the pegs. The Kiss loom has changed that! The gauge of a loom should only be referred to by the stitches it produces, not by how it is made. Gauge should be referenced by the number of stitches and rows per inch on the knitted fabric.

Our looms were designed with the Kiss principal in mind. Keep it simple! Our looms allow you to change your gauge for any project, while still using the same loom.

Gauge is set by changing how much yarn is used for each stitch. With regular looms this is done by changing the distance between pegs. The Kiss Loom starts out with a small gauge then uses gauge pins to increase the distance the yarn travels between pegs.  The gauge is determined by this traveling yarn and by changing the settings on our looms you increase the amount of traveling yarn - and therefore change the knitted gauge. 

There are 3 basic settings that can be obtained just by changing the way the boards are assembled. Anything between the basic settings can be obtained using the supplied washers. The screws, nuts, and washers are made of industrial grade nylon. They are smooth, and lightweight. The screw heads have a large slot so a coin can be used as a screw driver.

You can see from this chart the ave number of stitches per 1" that you can get by changing the peg style of the loom or simply by changing the number of washers between the boards.

Want to learn more about how Kiss Looms work?  This is a great demo video that explains how our peg and pin system works.  The loom shown is the 30 peg Small Gauge Short Loom with 7 Peg End Pairs.

What makes a Kiss Loom different?
Kiss Looms are the only true gauge adjustable loom on the market.  We use a peg and pin system to make it adjustable.  Pegs are on one board and pins on another - you simply add washers between the boards to make the gauge larger.  You can knit with no washers for the smallest gauge or add up to the 7 included washers to equal the KK gauge.  The great thing about the pins is that they have a side effect of making nice even stitches and you can wrap the whole row with a u-wrap stitch before knitting off.

What is a U-Wrap?
A u-wrap is a knit stitch that forms the traditional v-shaped stitches of a stockinette fabric (all knit stitches).  The difference is that with the pin system you can wrap the entire row then knit off.  This is similar to the technique of the e-wrap on the KK's EXCEPT that you get the nice v-shaped stitch.  An e-wrap is also called a twisted knit stitch because it is literally twisted.  It forms a y-shaped stitch.

What is a 2-Way Adjustable?
The looms are adjustable in 2 different ways.  One way is the adjustable gauge by adding or subtracting washers.  The other way it is adjustable is by number of pegs to knit in the round.  Our end pieces, whether a single peg slider or the larger ends can be be moved back and forth across the sides to change the number of pegs to knit.  With the 1 peg sliders you can move it all the way down to one end to knit a 4 peg i-cord in the round. 

What is a Modular Loom?
A modular loom also has the gauge adjustable feature as most of our looms but is a fixed number of pegs for knitting in the round.  The great thing about the modular looms is that you can build a larger loom using the straight and corner brackets.  Simply attach the modulars together into any number of pegs you need whether you are knitting a flat panel or knitting in the round.  Want to knit a king size blanket in one panel?  This is the loom for you. 

What is a Fixed Loom?
The fixed looms are the only ones that are not gauge adjustable.  In order to get the small gauge needed for sock yarns the pegs and pins must be on the same board.  Remember, the pin system is what makes for a nice even stitch and allows you to wrap the whole row before knitting off.  There are three types of fixed looms - fixed 0, fixed 1 and fixed 2.  The fixed 0 is the smallest gauge you can get on a Kiss Loom.  It is 3/16" center to center peg distance and only has pegs - NO PINS.  The fixed 1 is slightly larger and has our typical peg/pin system.  The F1 averages 6 stitches per 1".  The fixed 2 is a slightly larger gauge and bridges the gap between the fixed 1 and small gauge looms. 

For more detailed information on each of our looms take a look at this pdf.