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40 Peg Regular 2-Way Adjustable Loom

US 3-6,
UK/AU 8-12 Ply, DK
1/2” - 3/4"
4- 3.25 sts per inch
Base price with tax
Salesprice with discount
Sales price $36.95

This Regular Gauge Classic loom is gauge adjustable as well as adjustable by number of pegs knit in the round.  It has 40 pegs and is 11" long.  The Regular Gauge Classic loom can be assembled in many different ways to create many different types of projects.  The unique one peg sliders on each end means that you can knit in the round with a minimum of 4 pegs and a maximum of 40 pegs.  It can be taken apart and used as two single rakes.  You can also set it up using just the two peg boards as a double rake loom for double knitting projects with 38 total pegs.  When changing gauge make sure to hang washers on the pin on the side of the pin board as well as hanging washers on the bolts. 

Great for working medium size projects such as mittens, slipper socks, kids hats, stuffed animals, etc.

The Regular Gauge Classic comes with a 1 peg slider for the ends.  You can also add the 5 or 21 peg ends to this Classic loom to make it longer.

Please click here to take a look at the instruction sheet for the Regular Gauge Loom.

Regular gauge 20 peg loom (20 pegs total) - approx 5" panel
Regular gauge 20 peg loom with 21 peg ends (60 pegs total) - approx 15" panel
Regular gauge 40 peg loom (40 pegs total) - approx 10" panel
Regular gauge 40 peg loom with 21 peg ends (80 pegs total) - approx 20" panel
Regular gauge 53 peg loom with 5 peg ends (116 pegs total) - approx 29" panel
Regular gauge 53 peg loom with 21 peg ends (148 pegs total) - approx 37" panel



Loom pictured with 7 peg ends.






Loom pictured with 31 peg ends.


Tuesday, 04 February 2014
Loving this loom! The adjustable gauge is awesome. The stitches are nice and even. So very versatile. Easy to use too. I just had to order more!
Monday, 14 October 2013
?? I Love this loom! ?? rnrnI have all the peg ends as well as the short version. Very versatile and fun to use!! I can knit faster and everything comes out even and lovely! Thank you!!rn
Monday, 10 September 2012
Decreasing on this loom is a breeze due to the one peg ends. No more gathered hats for me. Another KISS winner!
Kendall Gutierrez
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