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What makes a Kiss Loom different?

Kiss Looms are the only true gauge adjustable loom on the market.  We use a peg and pin system to make it adjustable.  Pegs are on one board and pins on another - you simply add washers between the boards to make the gauge larger.  You can knit with no washers for the smallest gauge or add up to the 7 included washers to equal the KK gauge.  The great thing about the pins is that they have a side effect of making nice even stitches and you can wrap the whole row with a u-wrap stitch before knitting off.

So why the pins?

We get this question all the time!  Here is a brief overview that will help you understand.

To wrap a Kiss Loom you always wrap in front of the peg and behind the pin. The pins are what adjust the gauge. The further the pins are from the pegs (by adding washers between the boards) the more yarn is allowed for the stitch - making the gauge bigger. It's like on a KK if you could move the pegs closer or further from each other - the pin just does that in a different direction. It makes the knitting quick and easy and creates a very evenly knit fabric.

What is a U-Wrap?

A u-wrap is a knit stitch that forms the traditional v-shaped stitches of a stockinette fabric (all knit stitches).  The difference is that with the pin system you can wrap the entire row then knit off.  This is similar to the technique of the e-wrap on the KK's EXCEPT that you get the nice v-shaped stitch.  An e-wrap is also called a twisted knit stitch because it is literally twisted.  It forms a y-shaped stitch.

Loomers always have a lot of questions about our looms and how they work.  We hope to answer some of your questions here.

What makes the Kiss Looms unique is that they have an adjustable gauge. Gauge is set by changing how much yarn is used for each stitch. With regular looms this is done by changing the distance between pegs. The kiss loom starts out with a small gauge then uses gauge pins to increase the distance the yarn travels between pegs. The gauge is determined by this traveling yarn and by changing the settings on our looms you increase the amount of traveling yarn - and therefore change the knitted gauge.

There are 3 basic settings that can be obtained just by changing the way the boards are assembled. Anything between the basic settings can be obtained using the supplied washers. This first Kiss Loom, a 20 peg board, was tested by Graciela Worth and the first project was the three sweaters above. All 3 were done on the same number of pegs using the 3 gauge settings on the loom.

You can see from this chart the ave number of stitches per 1" that you can get by changing the peg style of the loom or simply by changing the number of washers between the boards.


General Overview of the Modular Loom

A modular loom also has the gauge adjustable feature as most of our looms but is a fixed number of pegs for knitting in the round.  The great thing about the modular looms is that you can build a larger loom using the straight and corner brackets.  Simply attach the modulars together into any number of pegs you need whether you are knitting a flat panel or knitting in the round.  Want to knit a king size blanket in one panel?  This is the loom for you.  The smallest tube you can knit is a 24 peg (based on the 6 peg modular set of 4 6-peg sides).

General Overview of the 2-Way Adjustable Loom

The looms are adjustable in 2 different ways.  One way is the adjustable gauge by adding or subtracting washers.  The other way it is adjustable is by number of pegs to knit in the round.  Our end pieces, whether a single peg slider or the larger ends can be be moved back and forth across the sides to change the number of pegs to knit.  With the 1 peg sliders you can move it all the way down to one end to knit a 4 peg i-cord in the round. 

General Overview of the Fixed Looms

The fixed looms are the only ones that are not gauge adjustable.  In order to get the small gauge needed for sock yarns the pegs and pins must be on the same board.  Remember, the pin system is what makes for a nice even stitch and allows you to wrap the whole row before knitting off.  There are two types of fixed looms - fixed 1 and fixed 2.  The fixed 1 is the smallest gauge you can get on a Kiss Loom.  The fixed 2 is a slightly larger gauge and bridges the gap between the fixed 1 and small gauge looms. 

General Overview of the Straight Loom

The straight loom was the original Kiss Loom.  It is made to be used as a single rake or you can add the optional board and remove the pin board to use the loom as a double rake for double knit fabric.  This loom is not compatible with the modular or 2-way adjustable looms. 

Does my loom come with hardware to adjust size and gauge? - Each of our looms comes with nylon washers (7 for each bolt) for gauge adjustment.  The modular sets also come with corner brackets to attach the looms in a square for tubular knitting.  Modular pairs do not come with any brackets (you will need at least 2 packages of straight bracket pairs to add the pairs to a set).  The pictures below shows the two different types of metal brackets used in the modular looms, the straight L shaped brackets for the straight pieces and the "split" corner brackets to attach the corners of the loom.  Check out the assembly instructions on the tutorials page for more information. 

What is the smallest gauge I can achieve on the Kiss Loom? - Each knitter and each yarn used can affect the gauge of your knitted fabric.  A swatch should always be made to check gauge before starting a project.  The smallest gauge of loom is our extra fine gauge F0 loom.  You can achieve roughly 8 stitches per inch using sock weight yarn with this loom.  With our small gauge adjustable loom you can achieve 4.5 or 5 stitches per inch with a worsted weight yarn.

Can I use any pattern on a Kiss Loom? - Yes, knitting patterns, whether loom or needle, are not specific to the type of loom you are using.  Any pattern can be done on the Kiss Loom - just make sure you knit a swatch to check that you are setting the gauge correctly to the type of yarn you are using. 

Why isn't my loom fitting together right? - Make sure that you have assembled the loom in the proper order by following the assembly instructions. Do you have the same number of washers between each of the pin and peg boards? Are all the sides on the same setting (For mods - 1st setting, 2nd setting, or 3rd setting.)  Check out the assembly instructions on the tutorials page for more information.  If you are using end pairs your pins on the side and the end should line up at a 90 degree angle.  Regular Gauge slider placement.  Small Gauge slider placement.

I have lost some of my washers and/or screws. Where can I get new ones? - The washers are listed in the tools section of the website.  If you need screws please email us - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

How do you keep the yarn from coming up and slipping off the back of the pins? - That can be remedied by holding your finger on the yarn behind the pin as you knit off or placing one rubber band around the entire side of the loom you are knitting off, but only on the pins.

How do I set up my end pairs on my loom? - The end pairs have a notch to insert the sides.  The end pair bolt can be tightened onto the side at any point along the length of the side.  Make sure to line up the pins on the side at a 90 degree angle with the pins on the ends regardless of number of washers used.


How do I set up the 1 peg slider on my loom? -  Regular Gauge slider placement.  Small Gauge slider placement.

Didn't find an answer to your question?  Feel free to email - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..