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Fine Gauge Looms

The Fine Gauge Fixed Looms are perfect for fingering, sock or sport weight yarn.  For a nice tight stitch you can even use a light worsted weight.  These looms will give you 8 - 5 stitches per inch, depending on the product.

The fixed looms are the only ones that are not gauge adjustable.  In order to get the tiny stitches needed for sock yarns the pegs and pins must be on the same board.  There are three types of fixed looms - fixed 0, fixed 1 and fixed 2.

Choose a complete loom or choose longer sides and end pairs to give you more pegs for larger projects. 

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2-Way Adjustable Looms

The looms are adjustable in 2 different ways.  One way is the adjustable gauge by adding or subtracting washers.  The other way it is adjustable is by number of pegs to knit in the round.  Our end pieces, whether a single peg slider or the larger ends can be be moved back and forth across the sides to change the number of pegs to knit.  With the 1 peg sliders you can move it all the way down to one end to knit a 4 peg i-cord in the round. 

Choose a complete loom or choose longer sides and end pairs to give you more pegs for larger projects. 

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Straight Looms

Our Straight Loom is our most basic loom.  They  come in the regular gauge and are used for making flat panels.  The Straight Loom is available in 15 and 40 peg lengths.  The gauge is adjustable by adding washers in-between the peg and pin boards.  You can also purchase the optional peg board to set this loom up as a double rake for double knitting.

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Modular Looms

A modular loom also has the gauge adjustable feature as most of our looms but is a fixed number of pegs for knitting in the round.  The great thing about the modular looms is that you can build a larger loom using the straight and corner brackets.  Simply attach the modulars together into any number of pegs you need whether you are knitting a flat panel or knitting in the round.  Want to knit a king size blanket in one panel?  This is the loom for you. 

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The Dragon

The Kiss Loom Large Gauge Dragon loom is perfect for double stranded worsted weight, bulky and super bulky weight yarn.  This loom is not gauge adjustable.  The Dragon will give you 2.25 stitches per inch.

The Dragon Loom comes complete with 15 peg sides and 6 peg ends for a total of 42 pegs.  This loom is equivalent to the plastic large gauge looms, except that the Dragon can adjust the number of pegs you use in the round.

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